Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink-A Review

Do you have a drug test coming up? It is almost impossible to get a new job or to keep an old one without passing tests for drugs. Testing for drugs is often required by an employer but in industries regulated by the Department of Transportation lab tests for drugs are required by law. Drug testing is also done in many legal situations such as after traffic accidents, for probation monitoring and child custody cases.

Suppose that you have a drug test coming up soon and that you use marijuana. Even if weed is legal in your state you could still lose your job if drugs are detected. The most common drug screen is a 5-panel urinalysis that tests for pot, cocaine, for opiates, methamphetamines, and PCP. Panels that test for 10 or 15 or more substances are also available. Some panels include testing for alcohol as well.

Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink to pass a drug test

If you use hash and you have a drug test coming up soon, could Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink serve as a remedy to allow you to accomplish weed detox and to pass a urine drug test? You should be aware that this product may help you to beat a urinalysis drug test but it cannot help you to pass a saliva test, a blood test, a sweat or a hair follicle test.

In this review we will examine the ingredients of this product, how you should use it, who makes it, where you can buy it and most important of all, can you use Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink for THC detox?

Before we get into the details of Total Eclipse, let’s spend a little time on the basics of pot metabolism and drug testing. The psychoactive part of Cannabis sativa is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Once in your body, THC undergoes detoxification in your liver to the inactive compound THC-COOH. This compound is partially stored in fat cells, and partially excreted in your piss and feces. Nothing can change the way your liver carries out this process. THC-COOH is what the usual urine drug screen looks for.

The most important thing that determines how long weed products remain in your body is how frequently you use them and what strength they have.

People with lean body types and high rates of metabolism who exercise vigorously will get rid of THC-COOH quickly. People with larger bodies and low rates of metabolism who do not exercise regularly will take longer to clear their systems of THC-COOH. Vigorous exercise breaks down fat cells for energy which also releases THC-COOH which is then excreted in your pee and feces.

With that basic information in mind, let’s get down to the specifics of Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink.

What are the ingredients of Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink?

We can divide the ingredients into several categories: carbohydrates, Vitamin B2, Creatine, a host of herbal ingredients and “other ingredients.”

What do 50 grams of sugars have to do with detoxifying your body from weed products so that they are not detectable by urine analysis? In short, they have nothing to do with cleansing your system. Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is used to give a diluted urine sample a “normal” yellow color.

How about the herbal elements? Some reviews cite single scientific articles to support the idea that certain of these elements have properties that contribute to detoxing. Review of the articles themselves, however, shows them to be unconvincing.

Let us examine just one of the scientific articles which appeared in the 2000 issue of the journal Clinical chemistry. This quote from a recent review is used to validate using Creatine Monophosphate to mask urinary dilution:  “Creatine monohydrate is used because the test will check your creatinine levels and if too low, will know the sample is dilute.” In fact, the quoted study used a dosage of 5 gm of Creatine, four times a day for 5 days followed by one a day for five days to volunteer subjects. Urinary Creatinine, Ph and specific gravity were tested. The study concluded that: “these data suggest that oral creatine supplementation administered at recommended daily doses does not influence routinely used urine integrity tests.” How does this conclusion relate in any way to someone who is attempting to pass a urine drug test using a single dose of Creatine within an hour of the test to mask dilution? In short: it doesn’t!

There is not the time or space in this article to review in detail the scientific references which are supposed to support the effectiveness of the many herbal ingredients of Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink. Suffice it to say that the scientific support rests on single reports which, like the one cited about Creatine, are not at all convincing.

Finally, what about the “other ingredients?” These are, in the main, related to coloring and flavoring of the drink and have nothing to do with detoxification.

How to use Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink

Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink instructions

The instructions for how to use this product are quite simple:

  • Stop using weed products as soon as you can before your test
  • Shake the bottle well and drink the entire 16-ounce contents at least one hour before your test
  • Drink water in reasonable amounts depending on how long you have between using the product and taking your test
  • Urinate as frequently as possible and give a midstream, clean catch urine sample for your test.

You may be interested in how long does it lasts? It appears that the effect of Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink may last up to 5 hours.

Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink Manufacturer

This product is made by Herbal Brands, Inc. that also makes Total Eclipse, Herbal Clean, Simply Slender and DoctorCare Plus. Information about Total Eclipse, the distributor of Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink, is available on their website. The company sells a number of detox products including different sized drinks, capsules, and pills. The website boasts that: “For over 15 years Total Eclipse has been a market leader in detox products.” Frequently asked questions are also addressed on the website. The company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to the original purchaser. An email contact form on the website must be filled out in order to begin processing for a dissatisfied customer. The address for Herbal Brands is Total Eclipse, PO Box 1450, Tempe, AZ, 85280. The company can also be reached by telephone at 1-800-943-3869. The mailing address for Total Eclipse is 9811 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite #2, Las Vegas, NV 89117.

Where to buy Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink?

This product is available on the Total Eclipse website. The 16-ounce Total Eclipse Relay Detox One-Step Cleansing System in orange or tropical flavors is available there for $32.25. The product is also available from many online retailers such as GNC for $37.99, Rite Aid where it sells for $29.99, or Walmart for $ 22.63. The product is not directly available on Amazon but can be purchased on Amazon via GNC. The product is also available at bricks and mortar stores such as GNC, Walmart, and Rite Aide but check your local store for availability and price.

Does Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink really work?

To answer this all-important question, we shall turn to three sources of information: 1) The ingredients of the product, 2) Detailed online reviews, and 3) Reviews by individual users of the product.

We have already discussed the ingredients and concluded that they have little if anything to do with detoxification of your body from weed products or from other toxins. Two of the ingredients, Vitamin B2 and Creatine might help you mask a diluted urine specimen and help you pass a urine test but that is not detoxification.

How about detailed online reviews. You can find one here, and here, and here, and a general view of drug testing here. The reviews generally fall into two categories. The first group is those that parrot unsubstantiated claims about how the components of this product “flush” your system of toxins and how various of the herbal elements “support” certain body functions. The second are those that are rather “hard-nosed” and conclude that all so-called detox products are of no use and the only way to safely pass drug tests is not to use weed products.

Now we look at reviews by individual users of Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink. Here are some examples:

To give a better overall idea of the kinds of reviews submitted by individual users we can look at the Amazon summary of 35 users of Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink. Of the 55% gave a 5-star review,15% gave a 4-star review, 7% gave 3-star, 0% 2-star and 23% gave a 1-star review.

It is difficult to know what to make of these differing views but because we do not know the details of exactly how frequently the reviewers used pot, what the strength of the products was when they last used them and what the body type, metabolism and exercise patterns of the reviewers are, we cannot really evaluate their reviews effectively.

In summary, the ingredients of Total Eclipse Rely Detox Drink cannot really accomplish detoxification but they might help you pass a urine drug test for weed products. Since this product is a “dietary supplement” not regulated by the FDA we have no idea whether the contents are actually as stated on the bottle and what the amount of each of the herbal elements is. We only know that according to the label all of the herbal elements and Creatine together are 5.2 grams. While herbal elements may help with some health problems, they can also cause allergic reactions and serious interactions with prescription medications. As a result, it is difficult to recommend this product. As one reviewer stated: the only way to detoxify your body from toxins is to not use them at all. If you are looking to pass a urine drug test and don’t really care about detoxification, Total Eclipse Rely Detox drink might help you. An alternative approach would be to purchase some inexpensive Vitamin B2 at your local pharmacy and do a dilution method yourself. No matter which approaches you to explore we wish you success!

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