Why volunteer for us?

Volunteers are one of our most valuable resources and an essential ingredient in meeting our mission. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year at each of our facilities. In order to begin the process of joining our dedicated core of volunteers, we invite you to fill out the application below. Tell us how you would like to be involved to contribute to the our mission.

Volunteering with us could help enrich your CV, develop your existing skills and gain references for employment.

If you’re not considering a career, volunteering can still bring many benefits by helping you meet new people and make friends, gain confidence and improve your self-esteem, feel like a valued member of a team and develop your own local support network.

It will also give you the sense of satisfaction that can only come from knowing you are doing something truly wonderful for another human being.

We truly value our Volunteers & Peer Mentors


We truly value our volunteers and peer mentors. We treat them in exactly the same way as our staff – so that means;

  • A dedicated supervisor to provide guidance
  • Monthly one-to-one supervisions to discuss overall wellbeing and progression
  • Comprehensive training both before and during the placement
  • The opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications

Becoming a volunteer

  • You can contact our service and ask for an application form
  • Ask a Recovery Coordinator or other our worker
  • Speak to another volunteer or peer mentor
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