The Stuff Detox Drink-a Review

Drug testing-it seems to be everywhere. It is almost impossible to get a new job or keep an old one without passing drug testing. In many cases, the testing is mandated by an employer, but in some cases, such as in industries covered by the rules of the Department of Transportation, the testing is required by law. Drug tests are also common in legal situations such as following traffic accidents, for probation monitoring, or in child custody cases. Be aware also that just because the use of marijuana products may be legal in your state that you can still lose your job if Cannabis Sativa is detected by lab tests. That kind of analysis can also look for opiates, for methamphetamines, for alcohol, for PCP, for cocaine and other toxins

The Stuff detox drink for THC detox

Suppose that you have tests for drugs coming up and that you are a user of marijuana products. Could The Stuff detox drink be a remedy for you to beat that test? In this article, we will explore the ingredients of The Stuff detox drink, who makes it, where you can buy it, the directions for using it, how it is supposed to perform weed detox, and finally, what are the results of using it and does it really work to accomplish detoxification of your body and allow you to successfully pass a piss test for pot products?

The Stuff detox drink to pass a drug test

Before we get to the specifics of The Stuff detox drink, just a little time on drug testing for weed products. The psychoactive part of the hash is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol and THC is detoxified in your liver to THC-COOH which is partially stored in fat cells, partially excreted in your urine and partially excreted in your feces. The detoxing process can be speeded up by strenuous physical exercise which causes fat cells to break down to release energy and also to release THC-COOH. People with a large amount of body fat, who do not exercise vigorously detoxify from THC-COOH slowly and those with minimal body fat and who exercise vigorously detoxify from THC-COOH more rapidly. The most important determinant of how quickly you can detoxify is the strength and frequency with which you use pot products.

When we consider The Stuff detox drink, it is important to be aware that this drink could possibly help you pass a urine drug test for weed products but it would not help you pass a saliva test, a sweat test, a hair follicle test or a blood test. Urinalysis is the test that most employers use to screen employees for drugs.

What are the ingredients of The Stuff detox drink?

We can reduce this huge list of ingredients down to a few categories:

  • Carbohydrates-sugars
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals and Electrolytes
  • Fruit pectin
  • A proprietary blend of herbal substances
  • Creatine Monohydrate

We can immediately dismiss several of these groups as having no detoxifying effect on weed products. These include carbohydrates, vitamins, and electrolytes. Electrolytes and minerals can help to maintain normal amounts of these essentials in your body and urine specimens in the face of drinking large amounts of water, which is an important part of The Stuff detox drink cleansing formula.

The herbal substances found in The Stuff detox drink are those found in many other so-called detox products. Their value as cleansing agents is open to serious question. While B vitamins do not act as a toxin cleanser, they do color very dilute urine yellow to help your urine sample pass the acceptability test.

Fruit pectin is a form of soluble fiber that can divert THC-COOH, the primary metabolite of THC from urine to feces, thus reducing the amount in a pee sample. Fruit pectin may help you to pass a urinary drug test for weed products, but that is not a form of detoxification.

Creatine Monohydrate is converted to Creatinine in the body. Creatinine is a component of normal urine and must be present in the correct amount in order for a urine sample to pass the acceptability test. Unfortunately, it takes about 24 to 48 hours before Creatine is taken orally is converted to Creatinine and appears in your urine, so it is unlikely to be of any help with a product like The Stuff detox drink which is intended for use within an hour or so of your drug test.

One final comment about the ingredients relates to Zinc Gluconate, one of the minerals in The Stuff detox drink. Zinc Sulfate added to a urine sample as an adulterant or Zinc taken orally, have been said to interfere with the usual urinalysis drug screen for THC-COOH.

An excellent review of adulterants used in an attempt to beat drug tests is here. The article, which concluded that Zinc, as an adulterant or Zinc taken as an oral supplement could interfere with lab tests for drugs, was published in 2011. The article further concluded that there was no test available to detect this effect of Zinc, but in a  2013 article, simple tests to detect adulterants such as Zinc Sulfate were published. A well-balanced evaluation of Zinc taken orally in an attempt to pass drug tests for THC-COOH can be found here.

We can summarize by saying that none of the ingredients in The Stuff detox drink actually has the ability to detoxify your body from weed products, although some of the ingredients may help you pass a urine test for drugs, especially the metabolic product of marijuana.

Who is The Stuff detox drink manufacturer?

The Stuff detox drink is a product of Detoxify LLC, and its website provides information about the company. Their telephone number is 1-800-detox-4U (1-800-338-6948.) They can be reached from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and closed on Saturday and Sunday. An email contact form is available on the website. They can also be contacted via [email protected].  Frequently asked questions are addressed on the website.

The website says that their products provide “full spectrum cleansing,” “are specially formulated,” “works immediately,” and are “trusted.” The website further boasts that “for more than 20 years, more than 20 million people like you have trusted Detoxify for a full system cleansing.”

The Detoxify products that include nine different types of herbal detox products are available for sale on their website. Interestingly, The Stuff detox drink does not appear on their site?? An email to the company, however, confirmed that, yes, The Stuff detox drink is a product of Detoxify, LLC!

How to use the Stuff detox drink?

The Stuff detox drink instructions. We can summarize the directions for using The Stuff detox drink as follows:

  • Stop using weed products as soon as you can before your test
  • Drink lot’s of water on the days leading up to your test
  • About one hour or so before your test, shake the 16-ounce bottle of The Stuff detox drink and then drink the entire contents
  • About 15 minutes after drinking it, fill the container with water and drink the contents
  • Try to pee three or four times before your test.

You might be interested in how long does it last? The detoxification is said to last from one hour up to 4 or 5 hours as long as you do not take further weed products during that time and continue to drink water regularly.

Where to buy The Stuff detox drink near me?

This product is available from many online retailers, including Amazon where it sells for $11.30, The Vitamin Shoppe near me where it sells for $25.99, Walmart where it sells for $26.74, where it sells for $17.79, and Google Shopping where it sells for $14.84.

Does The Stuff detox drink really work?

To answer that question, we will look at three sources of information:

  • The ingredients
  • Detailed online reviews
  • Reviews by individual users of the product.

We have already looked at the ingredients of The Stuff detox drink and concluded that none of the ingredients really have detoxification properties but that some of them could help you pass a urine test for weed products by way of dilution of your urine and then masking the dilution by including electrolytes, B vitamins, Zinc and Creatine and diverting THC-COOH form your urine to feces with fruit pectin.

Online reviews are plentiful. You can find them here, here, or here, for instance. These sites have a tendency to repeat misleading information about the idea that detox products or large amounts of water somehow “flush” your system of toxins or that urinating frequently can cleanse your body of toxins. Large amounts of fluids dilute your urine, but they do not flush your system of toxins, nor do diuretics that increase urine production flush toxins from your body. Only your liver detoxifies your body from THC or other drugs. In general, online sites avoid coming to a definite conclusion about the value of The Stuff detox drink for passing a urine test for marijuana products.

How about individual online reviews? There are plenty of those also. Here are a few examples

Of a total of 292 reviews on Amazon, 44% were 5-Star but 40% were only 1-Star. The remaining 16% were about evenly divided between 2, 3, and 4-Star reviews.

What are we then to make of all of this information? It should be pretty clear that The Stuff detox drink is not much different from many other so-called detox drinks and products on the market. If you have short notice about a drug test and you want to use this product as part of the dilution approach to passing the test, you might consider it. Although it is questionable if it contains any true detox ingredients, it does have several ingredients that might help you pass your test. It is certainly one of the cheapest products of its kind on the market today.

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