Strip Nc Natural Cleanser-a Review

Drug testing is very common these days. It is almost impossible to get a new job or keep an old one without being tested for drugs. Many employers require drug tests, and in some cases like industries covered by regulations of the Department of Transportation, drug testing is required by law. Drug analysis is also common after traffic accidents and other legal situations such as for probation monitoring or child custody cases.

Can you use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser for THC detox?

Suppose that you are a user of marijuana products and that you have lab tests for drugs coming up soon. Could you use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser as a remedy to help you to achieve weed detox and help you to pass a urine drug test?

In this article we will examine the ingredients of this product, who makes it, how you are supposed to use it, where you can buy it near me and the most important question of all: can you use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser to pass a drug test.

Just a few words about drug testing before we discuss this product in detail. The most commonly used drug test is a urinalysis lab test, but tests using saliva, hair follicles, sweat, and blood are also available. The simple drug screen that most employers use is the 5-panel test for cannabis products, for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines, and PCP. More detailed 10- panel or more tests are also available to include tests for alcohol and other drugs of abuse.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of the pot, but the usual urinalysis drug test instead looks for THC-COOH, which is the inactive form. THC is metabolized to THC-COOH in your liver. How fast your body is cleared of toxins depends primarily on how often you use them and in what strength. THC-COOH is partially stored in fat cells and partially excreted in your piss and feces. Lean body types with high metabolic rates who exercise vigorously will clear THC-COOH quickly while those with significant fat stores who have low metabolic rates and who do not exercise will take longer to cleanse their systems.

What are the ingredients of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser?

The ingredients of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser can be divided into a few categories, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber, papain, Cascada Sagrada extract, and Creatine.

Each 32- ounce bottle contains a whopping 56 grams of carbohydrates, which result in 190 calories. Does this ingredient play any part in hash detoxification? The answer is NO!

The vitamins include four B Vitamins. Do these ingredients play any part in detoxifying you from THC, the psychoactive component of pot, or THC-COOH? Once again, the answer is NO, but the B Vitamins could help you beat a urine test for weed products by coloring your diluted pee a normal yellow color.

What about Creatine? It is also not a detoxing ingredient and does not cleanse your system, but it is added to many so-called detox products because Creatinine, which is a metabolic product of Creatine, is a component of normal urine. Creatinine is often tested for to determine if a urine sample is acceptable for testing or is too dilute. Unfortunately, it takes 24-48 hours for Creatine taken by mouth to be converted to Creatinine and to appear in a urine sample, so it is of no use if the intent of a detox product like Strip Nc Natural Cleanser is to work within a few hours of using it.

What about dietary fiber as provided in Psyllium? This ingredient can divert THC-COOH, the metabolic product of marijuana that the urine test evaluates, from your urine to your feces. In this way, the amount of THC-COOH in your urine is decreased, and thus it might help you to pass a urine test, but it is not true detoxification.

Cascada Sagrada is made from the bark of the Cascada tree and is supposed to be a laxative, which, combined with Psyllium, could cause severe diarrhea. Diarrhea has nothing to do with detoxification.

How about the front label of the Strip Nc Natural Cleanser bottle, which says that it contains “Psyllerol?” Psyllerol is supposed to be “an exclusive proprietary formula of Psyllium, carbohydrates, and vitamins.”

In summarizing the ingredients of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser, we can say that none of them have anything to do with cleansing your body from weed products. The B Vitamins and possibly the Creatine might help you give a urine sample that would pass the acceptability test, and dietary fiber could divert THC-COOH from your urine to your feces and reduce the amount of it in your urine to help you pass the test. Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that this product provides weed detoxification. It does not!

One final note, this product could possibly help you pass a urine drug test but not to pass a saliva test, a blood test, a sweat test or a hair follicle test.

Who makes Strip Nc Natural Cleanser?

The Strip Nc Natural Cleanser products are apparently a product of CovertLabs, Inc., but attempts to find a website or product information only led to a company that provides marketing services! I eventually found the website for Wellgenix that is the distributor, if not the manufacturer of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser products.

The website provides an online store where these and other health and wellness products can be purchased. A contact form for inquiries about their products is also provided. The company address is: P.O. Box 51630 Phoenix, AZ 85076, and telephone 1-800-868-6112. On the website, the 32-ounce Strip Nc Natural Cleanser sells for $39.95.

Other Strip products include a variety of concentrated cleansing liquids, soft gels, and a mouth cleanser. Free shipping is provided for orders over $200! According to the website, the idea of Strip products is to “strip” your body of toxins and to “work with your body to remove unwanted pollutants from your system.” The website further indicates that the Strip products include a compound referred to as “Psyllerol,” which is “a proprietary combination of herbs, amino acids, and vitamins.” The list of ingredients on the back of the Strip Nc Natural Cleanser 32-ounce bottle refers to Psyllium, which is a form of dietary fiber, but it does not refer to “Psyllerol” as far as I can tell. The front of the bottle does indicate that it contains “Psyllerol,” however?

Before we leave the ingredients, let’s get one thing straight! The only detoxification that your body performs is done by your liver, which metabolizes psychoactive THC to inactive THC-COOH. Some THC-COOH is stored in fat cells, some are excreted in your urine and some in your feces.

None of the ingredients of detox products can affect how fast your liver detoxifies THC. Vigorous exercise breaks down fat cells to yield energy and also to release THC-COOH. How frequently you use weed products and how strong they are as well as your general body type, how much fat you have, and exercise level are the major determinants of how long it will take you to cleanse your system of THC-COOH. Some ingredients of detox products like Strip Nc Natural cleanser might help you to pass a urinalysis lab test, but that is NOT detoxification!

How to use Strip Nc Natural Cleanser?

The Strip Nc Natural cleanser instructions for how to use this product are quite simple. These are the directions:

  • Stop using weed products as soon as you can before your test
  • Avoid eating for about 3 hours before you consume the product because it might cause diarrhea
  • On the day of your test from 3 to 24 hours before your test drink the entire 32-ounce bottle
  • Drink as much electrolyte fluid as you can because this product does not contain electrolytes
  • Urinate 3-4 times before your test
  • Give a mid-stream, clean catch urine sample for your test.

It is important to emphasize that drinking large amounts of plain water with this product might not be safe due to the risk of water intoxication, although with a maximum of 24 hours between consuming the product and taking your test, that is unlikely. To avoid that possibility, drink something like Pedialyte, which is available at any drug store instead of plain water between the time you consume the product, and you take your test.

You might also be interested in how long does it lasts? This product is designed for short term use so anywhere from 3 to 24 hours depending on how much fluid you drink also.

Where to buy Strip Nc Natural Cleanser?

This product is available on the Wellgenix website and also from other online retailers such as Amazon, where the 32-ounce bottle sells for $19.79 or Walmart, where it sells for $19.99 or eBay where it sells for $25.82. Several other online retailers sell the product as well.

Does Strip Nc Natural Cleanser really work?

To answer this all-important question, we will turn to three sources of information: 1) The ingredients which we have already discussed, 2) Detailed online reviews, and 3) Reviews by individual users of the product.

We have already discussed the fact that Strip Nc Natural Cleanser is not really a drug cleansing product but that some of the ingredients might help you to pass a urine drug test for weed products.

How about detailed online reviews? You can find one here, but unlike other detox products, there are few other detailed online reviews. Most of the reviews concern individual users, which we will get to next.

The one detailed review perpetuates lots of mythology about the process of detoxification and how detox products might work. Here is a quote from that review: “The mechanism of Strip Nc Natural Cleanser appears to be to stimulate the removal of Cannabis Sativa or any toxins in the body by stimulating digestion and producing excess urine so that the levels of marijuana cannot be detected in tests.” So, what does it do? What does stimulating digestion have to do with detoxifying your body? The answer is nothing! What does producing excess urine have to do with determining the levels of weed metabolic products in your urine? Again, the answer is nothing! It is the dilution of the urine, not the amount of urine that reduces the concentration of THC-COOH in your urine. This review also provided some individual reviews by users of the product, but the detailed review did not take any stance as far as recommending this product or not.

How about individual reviews by actual users of this product? What are the results of their experiences?

On the Amazon website, a total of 102 customer reviews revealed that 52% gave the product a 5-Star review, while 30% gave a 1-Star review. The remaining 17% gave 2, 3, or 4-Star reviews. Other sites such as this one, or this one, or even this one provide interesting comments on Strip Nc Natural Cleanser detox drink as well as comments on passing drug tests in general. Multiple comments describe the very unpleasant taste of this product, the difficulty in getting the 32 ounces down and severe diarrhea which can result. What can we make of all of these individual reviews? Not much, unfortunately, because we cannot know how frequently, and what strength of marijuana products that they use, what their metabolism, body type, and exercise habits are. These are the most important factors in determining the rate at which people dispose of THC-COOH.

From a scientific standpoint, you can certainly dilute your urine by drinking large amounts of fluids and decrease the THC-COOH concentration below the level that can be detected. You can also do some things to cover up the dilution, like taking B vitamins to color your dilute urine yellow or Creatine to produce normal Creatinine levels. Whether things like papain and zinc can actually interfere with drug testing, I believe, is open to question. Finally, drinking large amounts of fluids does not flush toxins from your system. It does dilute your urine and may decrease toxins below detectable levels.

Strip Nc Natural Cleanser does contain some of the elements that could help to mask a diluted urine specimen and help you pass a urine test for marijuana products, but you should understand that that process is not detoxification. Only your liver detoxifies THC! The product is relatively cheap on Amazon so that you might consider it. You could also buy some individual ingredients at your local pharmacy and do a dilution method on your own. In either case, you should buy a urine test kit and test your urine yourself before your test. Then you will know if you can pass the test or not! Good luck!

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