Quick Fix Synthetic Urine – Does it really work?

Testing for drugs is now commonplace in our society. It is almost impossible to get a new job or to keep a current job without being tested for drugs of all kinds such as marijuana, opiates, alcohol, and meth among others. In addition to testing drugs to get or keep a job, you might be tested if you are going to enter or stay in the military or for certain legal matters such as for probation. Your drug test might be scheduled in advance with plenty of notice or it might be sprung on you with little or no notice. In the latter case, you might not have enough time for detoxification of your body especially from weed which can be detected in a urinalysis for days or even weeks after using it, so you might want to consider a product like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. This product might be a substitute for your own urine if you want to beat a drug test, especially on short notice.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a product of Quick Fix Synthetic LLC of Roseville California. There are two formulations available Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine and Quick Fix 6.2 plus Synthetic Urine. The only difference is that 6.2 is a 2- ounce formula and 6.2 plus is a 3- ounce formula. Either one can be purchased as a single item or in a 10 pack. The ingredients are the same and only the amount is different.

The volume can be important since 2 ounces is the minimum urine sample you will have to give for a drug test and most tests prefer 3-5 ounces. If you decide to use the 2-ounce formulation you will have to be very careful not to lose even a single drop, otherwise, your specimen will not be sufficient, and you will have to take the test again.

The product contains five ingredients:

  • 3 ounces of realistic urine
  • A heating pad
  • A pouring spout cap
  • A temperature strip
  • A set of instructions.

Some aspects of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine that recommend it are that it has the correct ph level, it has a realistic specific gravity, realistic creatinine levels, Uric acid, and urea are in the product and it works for any gender. Some aspects of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine that may be problematic are that it is at room temperature and must be heated to body temperature if you plan to use it for a drug test in place of your own urine. Also, if you are observed while you produce your urine sample it may or may not be able to be substituted for your own urine depending on how closely the observer monitors you while you are producing your piss sample.

How to use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to pass a drug test. The instructions for using the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be obtained on the website of the manufacturer and are given in detail in the printed instructions which accompany the product. Briefly, the instructions describe how, before leaving home for your test, you should heat the product in a microwave, using the temperature test strip to get the product to body temperature and then using the accompanying heating pad as a warmer to maintain the temperature until the time of your test. The instructions state that the heating pad is useful in keeping your specimen at the correct temperature for 8 hours. The prepared specimen can be kept strapped to your upper thigh using the spout cap to deliver your sample into the specimen cup provided at the time of your test.

And now we come to one of the main problems with using synthetic urine of any kind to attempt to pass a urine drug test-it is basically illegal to attempt to pass off synthetic urine like your own urine for urine lab tests. The manufacturer is very careful not to suggest that use for Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. It is suggested that the product could be used by hunters to attract or repel certain animals, to use in pee fetish play, to use in a various laboratory or research projects but there is no specific mention of their product to help you to pass a urine drug test so you are on your own if you elect to try this method. Obviously, also, this product is of no use to help you pass saliva, hair or blood drug tests and it is in no sense a way of cleansing your body from drugs.

Now we come to another big question: does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine really work? Obviously, if you are going to try to use this product to pass a urine drug test, you want to know if it will work. The answer seems to be that for any of the usual urine tests used by employers to screen for drugs that the answer is yes, it does work. Whether it will work for more sophisticated lab analysis such as the Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy test is unclear although the manufacturer claims that their product the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is in a complete match for real, normal, human urine in which case it should also pass the more sophisticated GC/MS test as well.

The company boasts on its website that its users have a 99.99% success in passing urine drug tests and the 0.01% failure rate is due to incorrect use of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. The company offers a money-back guarantee if you use the product correctly and fail your lab tests. Interestingly, the company makes no specific reference to the kind of urine drug test you might be subjected to and thus it appears that they feel that you could be successful in passing any type of urine drug test, even the GC/MS type! Be sure to note however that Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is not a form of weed detox. It does not cause your body to be detoxing from cannabis products or any other type of drug or intoxicant. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is not for THC detox.

An interesting YouTube video suggests that synthetic urine samples are detectable by lab test personnel. The video emphasized that color, temperature, the presence of bubbles, the smell and the presence of nitrites could all be used to detect synthetic urine. Four samples including Quick Fix Synthetic Urine were used as examples but when the dipstick test for nitrates was conducted, it was conducted on only three of the four samples. The Quick Fix sample was not tested suggesting that Quick Fix is the most difficult to detect if indeed it is detectable!

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine reviews. You can read excellent independent reviews of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine here. These in addition to multiple individual user testimonials confirm that Quick Fix Synthetic Urine if used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, has over a 99% success rate in passing urine drug tests. An independent site with multiple user reviews is here and once again it seems that all of the users passed their tests. A very good and comprehensive review can also be found here. Multiple individual user reviews can also be found here.

Here is what some individual users of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine had to say about it.

Spectrum Labs the parent company of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been a leader in the detoxification industry since 1992 when it first introduced a urine additive called Urine Luck. This patented product is a chemical additive that is poured into a urine sample and creates a chemical reaction that affects various metabolites rendering them not detectable. Over the years Spectrum Labs developed other detoxification products including teas, fruit drinks, effervescent tablets, capsule supplements, filtration products, and, of greatest interest to this review, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine which holds two separate United States patents. Spectrum Labs can be reached at 1-800-721-1414 from 8 am to 5 pm EST. They can also be contacted via email by using the contact form on their website. Additional information may be obtained from their Facebook Page.

The parent company of Quick Fix is Spectrum Labs and the Quick Fix website where the product can be ordered provides contact information about the company including its address: 4010 Foothills Blvd. Suite 103-24, Roseville, CA, 95747, Telephone 1-866-420-4574, and email: [email protected]. The California office is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Where to buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be obtained from various third-party sites such as Amazon, GNC, and Walmart among others but reviewers and the company strongly suggest that you should only obtain the product through the Quick Fix site, either ordering online or by calling the company directly by phone. You might be interested to know how long Quick Fix Synthetic Urine lasts. According to the company website, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is good for one year from the time of purchase.

Taken together the overall consensus is very positive regarding using Quick Fix Synthetic Urine to pass a urine drug test. It is repeatedly emphasized that you should follow the instructions carefully about how to use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. It is further highly recommended by the manufacturer but also by multiple independent reviews that you should purchase the product only from Quick Fix and not from other online sources such as Amazon. It appears that purchases from other than directly from Quick Fix can result in you getting outdated products or even a substitute product. Where your livelihood is concerned it would seem prudent to take the time to order this product from Quick Fix which offers expedited and even overnight shipping if you need the product on short notice. They even promise to get the product to you on Saturday if necessary. It appears that Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a reliable product that will do what it says providing you use it carefully and according to the instructions.

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