Mega Clean for weed detox-A Review

Drug testing is now so common in many different situations that it is essential that you understand drug testing and the various possible ways to help ensure that you pass a test. It is almost impossible to get or keep a job nowadays without having to pass a drug test. For jobs regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) such as airline pilots, commercial truck drivers, and railroad engineers, for example, it is easy to understand why lab tests for drugs are important. Drug tests are also used for legal purposes such as for probation monitoring. Today, however, almost any job, even a store clerk or wait staff position will require drug testing so you have to be prepared, even with short notice so that drugs are not detected in your body. So, if you have a drug test coming up soon and you are a user of pot products, could Mega Clean detox drink help you to pass a urine drug test by detoxifying your system completely of unwanted things? In this review, we will investigate the components of Mega Clean, the manufacturer, how you use the product and perhaps most importantly, what do users of the product say in reviewing its effectiveness as a weed detox product to cleanse your system and pass a piss drug test?

Before we begin it is perhaps useful to take a moment to talk about what kinds of drug tests there are and what they test for. The most common test to screen for drugs is a urinalysis done on a pee sample using a test strip which can test for drugs such as marijuana products, cocaine, for opiates, for alcohol, methamphetamines, and PCP, among others. For weed products, the urine test is for the main metabolite of Cannabis which is THC-COOH which is stored in fat tissue and excreted in the urine. Mega Clean is designed to act quickly to flush your system for a limited period of time and is probably useful only to help you beat a urine test and not for passing a blood test, and not to pass a saliva test or a hair follicle test.

Mega Clean is a drink that is a combination of several vitamins, electrolytes, a blend of herbs and creatine which can be useful in cleansing your body of unwanted toxins. A detailed list of ingredients is provided below. A few comments are in order regarding these ingredients. Other than B vitamins, which color diluted urine yellow to pass the acceptability test, the remainder of the vitamins has no real role to play either in drug detoxification or in masking toxins to pass a drug test. Likewise, 43 grams of sugars have no role to play as a cleaner of drugs from your system or in masking toxins for a drug test. Electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, chromium, zinc, selenium and manganese are essential for health and could become dangerously low in your body if you use Mega Clean along with the rather aggressive water intake suggested as an essential part of the Mega Clean weed removal regimen to clear your system of toxins. One of the main risks of an aggressive water dilution is a condition called water intoxication which results in excessive dilution of your body fluids, especially sodium and can lead to coma or even death. The relatively low sodium content in Mega Clean, 15 mg would not be enough to counteract extreme dilution.

Fruit pectin is a fiber that can attract the metabolic product of the week, namely THC-COOH into the gut and prevent it from getting into your urine.

The role of the herbal components of Mega Clean is unclear either in causing detoxification from weed metabolites or in masking toxins in your urine sample.

Finally, creatine is metabolized to creatinine which is a component of normal urine, so it is essential to help you pass the acceptability test for your urine specimen.

The major components of Mega Clean, therefore, are B vitamins, electrolytes, fruit pectin, and creatine. You should know that these components can be easily purchased individually.

What are the directions for how to use Mega clean? Now that we know that individual components are, what are the instructions for how Mega Clean is it to be taken for THC detox and how long does it last? There are a number of suggested methods for how you should use Mega Clean to pass a drug test  but they all emphasize several steps:

  • Stop using toxins such as weed products as soon as you know that you have a test coming up
  • Avoid greasy foods, alcoholic products, over-the-counter medications
  • Begin drinking six 16 ounce glasses of water every day as soon as you know that you have a drug test coming up
  • If you purchase Mega Clean from TestClear you will be provided with six pre-cleanse capsules and you should begin them 12-24 hours prior to your test
  • Mega Clean is said to be effective beginning one hour after you drink it with a peak effect at three hours and with the effect gone by five hours. Therefore, you should time your use of Mega Clean according to a schedule that will allow you to give your urine sample about three hours after you drink it.
  • Finally, continue to drink water and urinate as often as possible before you provide your test urine sample.

Mega Clean manufacturer

Who makes Mega Clean detox product? Mega Clean is manufactured and sold by Detoxify which makes and sells a whole variety of detox products.  The company can be reached at 1-800-detox-4U Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. They can also be reached via a contact form on their website The company mailing address is: Detoxify, LLC, P.O Box 6398 Scottsdale, AZ  85261. You can find a store near me to purchase Mega Clean by using the store locator and your zip code on the company website The company disclaims any use of its products to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any illegal purpose!

Where to buy Mega clean?

Where can you purchase Mega Clean? The product is available at various online stores such as Walmart and Amazon among others. The product sells for considerably less on Amazon than on Test Clear but you will not get the six pre-rid pills unless you purchase the product from Test Clear. Also, as previously mentioned, you can purchase the essential components of Mega Clean individually if you want to although the product does provide everything in one convenient package.

Mega clean reviews

So now we come to the most important question, does Mega Clean work? It is suggested that Mega Clean is useful for heavy users of toxic, read weed, products and those with large body fat and weight over 200 pounds. The results of detailed overall reviews virtually always conclude that Mega Clean is a reliable product as long as it is taken according to the exact directions. How about individual users? What are their opinions about how effective Mega Clean is as a weed detox product? Most individual reviews are positive and recommend the product.

It is important to note, however, that some users have found Mega Clean not to be effective.

You can also find a number of reviews on It was suggested by one user that the pre-rid capsules are not necessary as long as you stop using toxic products as long before your test as possible. It has also been suggested that you purchase two bottles of Mega Clean and use one according to instructions and then perform a test at home with a urine drug test to confirm that you will pass the test and then use the second one for your actual test.

Does Mega Clean really work?

Considering all of the available information several questions still arise. Is Mega Clean just another form of the dilution method or is it a “real” detox? The strong recommendation to discontinue toxic products as soon as possible before a drug test and the recommendation to drink large amounts of water suggests that Mega Clean is indeed a type of dilution detox method because given enough time, stopping toxic products and drinking a lot of water will eventually cleanse your system of all or most toxic agents. Mega Clean, however, is a convenient mixture of substances that are necessary as part of a dilution detox method such as B vitamins, electrolytes, and creatine. You could certainly purchase most or all of these components individually if you wanted to but Mega Clean brings them all together in a convenient easily available and relatively inexpensive drink product. The vast majority of individual reviews of Mega Clean are very positive but a few negative reviews do appear from time to time. In conclusion, it appears the Mega Clean is a good product to help you pass a urine drug test for marijuana metabolic products if used according to the instructions.


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