Marijuana Flush Drinks

The most common type of drug test is done by testing urine because it can provide quick initial test results and is the lowest-cost method for screening. If you have determined that flushing is your best method for your test preparation, you have to be sure to follow the directions and not try to alter the process in any way. Some folks make the mistake of drinking too much water along with the flush kit: If your urine is too clear, you risk the sample being marked as adulterated. If you are subject to regular urine testing, it’s best to buy a multi-pack so you have the product on-hand, eliminating the panic of having to buy something overnight.

If you have some time, perhaps 3-21 days, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare and to be able to partially detox naturally. Hesitate to use home-remedies or folklore passed down by old hippies.

Keep in mind that a significant amount (75%) of the THC metabolites are excreted by defecation. This means you can help your THC detox process by eating ample fiber, preferably from fruits and vegetables. It has also been noted that bentonite clay taken orally can be used to remove toxins from the body. Be sure and use bentonite clay designed for oral consumption, (health food store) and don’t over-do it. If the THC is allowed to pass with your stool, the THC will not be able to be reabsorbed by your intestine.

Hydrate: drink more than normal amounts of liquids in the week before you give a urine sample. You don’t have to over-do it… ingesting too much water too fast can be harmful!
Exercise, saunas, hot tubs are fine in the days leading up to your exam, but stop exercising for the last few days and any other activities that make you sweat. If you are “burning fat”, your kidneys will be processing the THC metabolites as your fat cells enter the bloodstream.

In the last few days prior to screening, consume a diet high in fat and red meat. The strategy is that you will be gaining weight, not losing fat where the THC is stored. The consumption of red meat helps you generate more creatinine, which is the chemical used to check for urine dilution. You can choose to consume any type of high-fat foods, but food like burgers, pizza, ice cream, and buttered popcorn are common selections.

The day of your marijuana urine test, it’s okay to eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee, but don’t drink a lot of water because you want to have a valid sample. Let the flush drink do the work: follow the directions, and urinate as directed prior to the clinic. When you pee in the cup, be sure to pee a little bit into the toilet first, THEN into the cup as this will give the cleanest sample possible. If you have used a marijuana flush drink, do not add anything else to the sample… like water or bleach.

Detox Drink Questions

Q: Is it okay to drink beer or other alcohol?
A: In the days up to your test, drinking beer or other alcohol products is fine. (It’s OK to drink coffee too) Be sure and drink any liquid in moderation, and it’s best to stick to juice or water the day before.

Q: I see that there is a GNC Detox drink at my local store: can I use this instead?
A: Some folks have reported success with the GNC Detox, but there are also some failures. Because of the politics, the GNC kit does not explicitly say it will remove THC. The best way to BE SURE is to use a marijuana detox drink that has been specifically formulated to successfully complete the task at hand.

Q: I only smoke about once or twice a month during my period, but I live with my boyfriend who smokes every day. Do you think I need to do a marijuana detox before being tested?
A: Even with low usage you might fail. There are a lot of other factors including metabolism, body mass index, etc. You can buy urine test strips for marijuana so that you can be sure in advance and not jeopardize your job.

Q: I already have a job in a non-transportation field. They don’t do random drug testing, but they periodically remind the labor that they have the right to do spot checks. What should I do if they call me up to the safety office to pee in a cup?
A: Detox Drinks won’t always work in this situation. The other options are to have a “spike” product that you place in the sample, or you can use synthetic urine. Both options require that the test be non-supervised, which is the procedure or law in most states. The spike or masking products are often small and discreet- they come in the little plastic containers you get earplugs in. In this situation, if it’s in-house testing, you are faced with having to carry the masking product with you daily. If the company sends you to a health clinic, you have the option to use the marijuana flush drinks- keep one or two in your car, be sure and read the directions and pee a couple of times before you get to the clinic. Usually, it takes one hour and at least two trips to the toilet before you are ready to test.

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