Jazz Total Detox Drink – An Unbiased Review


Drug testing is everywhere it seems. It is almost impossible in today’s world to get or keep a job without being tested for drugs. An excellent review of workplace drug testing can be found here. The most frequent drug of abuse is marijuana although the most common method of drug testing does not actually test for THC the psychoactive component of weed but instead tests for THC-COOH which is an inactive metabolite of the pot. Importantly, the common test, which is a urinalysis performed on a urine sample, says nothing about functional impairment from the product and really measures prior and not current use anyway.
In spite of these limitations, being tested for drugs is required by federal law for employees covered by the Department of Transportation (DOT) such as airline pilots, railroad engineers and truck drivers, for instance, or by any company that does more than $100,00 in business with the federal government. Many employers not covered by federal law also require lab tests for their employees not only for marijuana but for other drugs of abuse such as for opiates, methamphetamines, PCP, and cocaine. Some also require an analysis of alcohol. Passing drug tests may also be required for legal purposes such as after a traffic accident, after a suspected crime or for probation monitoring.

Jazz Total Detox Drink To Pass A Drug Test

Suppose that you have drug tests coming up soon? Could you use Jazz Total Detox Drink to produce weed detox for you in order to cleanse your system and to pass a urine drug test? In this review we will investigate the ingredients in Jazz Total Detox Drink as well as how it is to be used for detoxification, what the pros and cons are, where you can buy it and perhaps, most important of all, does it work to provide THC detoxing and will it help you clear your system and beat a drug test? In addition to cleansing your system and passing a urine test, we will address whether Jazz Total Detox Drink could act as a cleaner for the removal of toxins in order for you to pass a saliva test, a blood test, a sweat test or a hair follicles test.

Drug Testing – A Primer

It is important for you to understand a few basics about drug testing. Screening for drugs in most employee situations will involve the analysis of a urine specimen for five drugs- the mnemonic is COMPA, for cocaine, opioids, marijuana, PCP and amphetamines. We are concerned in this review mainly with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the psychoactive component of cannabis sativa products and its metabolite THC-COOH. Although there are other drug tests such as those using blood, saliva, hair follicles, and sweat, for instance, urine testing is by far the most common screening test in use today. The test is easily performed using a dipstick and can be performed by minimally trained personnel at the place of employment. The urinalysis evaluates the concentration of THC-COOH in the sample by an immunoassay. If THC-COOH is detected at greater than 50 ng/ml of urine the test is considered positive. An ng or nanogram is one billionth of a gram and to give you an idea of how small of an amount that is, a grain of salt weighs about 58,500 nanograms!
Piss testing for THC-COOH is complicated by the fact that THC-COOH is stored in fatty tissue and released at a variable rate which depends, among other things, on how heavily and how often you use hash, on your BMI or body mass index an indication of how much body fat you have, your basic metabolic rate, and how often and how hard you exercise. People with a high BMI which indicates more body fat, a low metabolic rate and who do not do regular strenuous exercise will store and release THC-COOH for much longer periods, up to many days or even weeks after regular weed usage. People with less body fat, a low BMI and a faster metabolic rate and who do regular strenuous exercise will store less THC-COOH and will release it more quickly. These factors can result in seemingly incongruous test results which are positive one time and then negative the next, and then positive again. Many of the confusing reviews of so-called “detox” products can be explained by the factors which affect THC-COOH storage and release and have nothing at all to do with detoxification products.

Ingredients Of Jazz Total Detox Drink

The manufacturer of Jazz Total Detox Drink for THC detox boasts that their product contains no herbal substances which are an integral part of most other detox products. There is no real need to analyze these components individually, but you will recognize the essential ingredients that mark most detox products which are electrolytes, B vitamins, and creatine. Although boasting that this product contains “all-natural” ingredients the label clearly states that “artificial color” is included. There are many quite superfluous ingredients such as glucose and sucrose (sugars), amino acids (lysine, phenylalanine), caffeine, ascorbic acid, ferric orthophosphate, etc. that have nothing to do with “detoxification”!

How To Use  Jazz Total Detox Drink

INSTRUCTIONS for using Jazz Total Detox Drink are quite simple, the DIRECTIONS are as follows.

  • Drink the entire contents of a 16-ounce bottle of Jazz Total Detox Drink 90 minutes before your scheduled test
  • Refill the bottle with water twice and drink the entire 32 ounces
  • Urinate three to four times
  • Give a midstream, clean-catch pee sample for your test

You can also find a detailed set of instructions on how to use the Jazz Total Detox Drink drink on YouTube. Notice that Jazz Total Detox Drink is supposed to be one of the fastest-acting remedies to clean your system. You may also wonder how LONG DOES IT LAST? Jazz Total Detox Drink is said to last for up to five hours. Finally, if you weight over 230 pounds it is recommended that you use two 16-ounce bottles of Jazz Total Detox Drink.

Where To Buy  Jazz Total Detox Drink near me

You can purchase Jazz Total Detox Drink at any one of a number of online retailers such as Amazon or directly from the manufacturer at their website. Interestingly, Amazon only offers the product in the 10 oz size for $11.40 which is confusing since there is also a 16 oz size which is the one recommended for pre-testing use. A wholesale site offers 24 10 oz bottles for $84.00. The 16 oz size is available on the company website however for $34.95. The product is offered in six different flavors including orange/mango, lemonade, strawberry/kiwi, watermelon, blue raspberry, and wild cherry.

Jazz Total Detox Drink Manufacturer

Jazz Total Detox Drink is manufactured and sold by THE HOUSE OF JAZZ which also sells a number of other detox products including JAZZ 4 EVER CLEAN, JAZZ DETOX ACCELERATOR, JAZZ ONE HOUR CAPS (pills), JAZZ MOUTHWASH, FOLI-KLEEN SHAMPOO, JAZZ DETOX SHAMPOO AND JAZZ JUMP START DAILY EDGE. Frequently asked questions are addressed on the company website which also contains information about the company’s privacy policy, terms, and conditions for use of their products and the return policy as well as information about their shipping policy. The company offers a money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the product with certain restrictions. The company can be contacted by way of an online email response form or by mail at 9853 N Alpine Rd #104, Rockford, IL 61115 or by phone at +1-800-486-2815.

Does Jazz Total Detox Drink Really  Work?

What are the RESULTS of using Jazz Total Detox Drink To help us answer this question we can turn to two sources, one a number of online overall product reviews and then two, reviews by individual users of the product? You can find relatively comprehensive reviews of Jazz Total Detox DrinkK here and here and here and here and here. In assessing these reviews you should consider what the company says about their detox products on their website. They claim that Jazz Total Detox Drinks NOT a masking product that hides the presence of toxins in your urine but actually “works with your body to eliminate toxins naturally.” They state clearly that Jazz Total Detox Drink is not an herbal flush and that the product contains only ‘laboratory grade compounds to enhance metacellular respiration and promote toxin and waste elimination from every body system.” A discussion of “metacellular respiration” is beyond the scope of this article but suffice it to say that there is no scientific evidence to support this claim!

Jazz Total Detox Drink – Individual User Reviews

In summarizing a number of reviews Amazon found that only 48% gave Jazz Total Detox Drink a 5-Star review whereas 43% gave only a 1 or 2-Star review.

Jazz Total Detox Drink – Summary and Conclusion

Let us be very clear about one thing-no detox product can “detoxify” your system in 90 minutes no matter what the ingredients are! The only mechanism that “detoxifies” your system is your own body’s metabolic processes primarily in your liver. Because THC-COOH is stored in fat tissue, some things, such as vigorous exercise, will cause fast burning and release of the THC-COOH and thereby speed up the detox process. It has never been scientifically proven that any specific chemical will produce fat burning or speed up the metabolic breakdown or release of THC-COOH.
We can be pretty clear that Jazz Total Detox Drink DOES NOT cause true detoxification but if it works at all, it works on the commonly used process of dilution and then masking that dilution with electrolytes to produce normal pH, B vitamins to color your diluted urine specimen yellow and creatine to be metabolized to creatinine, a component of normal urine. In spite of the manufacturer’s claims, these substances are to “mask” the fact that you have diluted your urine with excess water intake. Remember that the urine test for THC-COOH looks for the concentration of that substance in mg/ml and the more dilute the urine sample, the lower the concentration of THC-COOH. If the concentration gets below 50 ng/ml you will pass the test but that has nothing to do with “detoxification” of your body! The other components of Jazz Total Detox Drink are probably superfluous and of no real added value. If indeed Jazz Total Detox Drink does work at all, it would work for a urine test only. Claims that it would work for a blood test, saliva test, sweat test or hair follicle test are not true.
IN CONCLUSION: if you are a relatively minimal pot user and if you have a low BMI you may well pass a urine test for weed using Jazz Total Detox Drink but you could also buy an electrolyte drink like Pedialyte and some B vitamins and creatinine at your local drugstore and drink a lot of water and also pass your test! You can also be lucky, based on how and when your body releases or doesn’t release THC-COOH into your bloodstream and then into your urine. If you are a heavy and regular pot user with high BMI-good luck passing your test with Jazz Total Detox Drink!!! If you do pass it will be sheer good luck!!

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