How to Test Clean on a Urine Drug Test

Best way to pass a urine drug test:  Dilution

Of the guaranteed ways to pass a urine drug test dilution is the best. When you need to know how to pass urine drug tests for THC, dilution is the main approach. Dilution is the process by which marijuana metabolites are diluted such that the concentration of marijuana to water is below the testing cut off for detection. Of course, the most foolproof way to beat a drug test is to abstain 30 or more days before the test, such that marijuana metabolites are not present in the fluid. However, it is also possible to raise the proportion of water to marijuana in order to get the same effect. That’s where dilution comes in. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get your supplies. Here’s what you will need:
Dilution Kit (DIY)
  • Weed test strips
  • Creatine supplement
  • Vitamin B2, or B12
  • Electrolyte drink like sugar-free Gatorade (if you use water, add a small amount of sugar, baking soda, and salt)
  • Zinc supplement
  1. This is the test which you are allowed to fail. So, on a day before your official test, you want to reserve 3 hours to slowly sip your electrolyte solution at a rate no more than half a liter per hour over the course of 3 hours. At the end of the 3 hours, take a collection of your urine. Try to collect mid-stream urine rather than the beginning or last. Test with one of your weed test strips. If you are negative, then you are good to go. On test day, still, drink no more than half a liter per hour for 3 hours before the test just in case the dilution was a factor in your negative result.

If you test positive for marijuana, you will need to dilute your urine until you are no longer testing positive. For more certain results, you can buy creatinine testers and specific gravity test strips. Urine will be tested for the correct creatinine and specific gravity level during your official drug test to be sure the urine hasn’t been tampered with.

  1. After one round of dilution, you may still be dirty. Luckily, if you are at least one day ahead of the test, you have another chance. Take another 3 hours and repeat the process. This time, take one gram of creatine split between your drinks and hydrate at a rate slightly greater than the previous rate, but still no more than half a liter per hour. And take one B-vitamin. The B-vitamin is going to make your pee super yellow so that it won’t look diluted. The creatine is going to bring the creatinine level of your urine to normal levels even though your urine will be diluted. You should pass your second test. If you do not, you can repeat the process the next day just before the test or you can make plans to try substitution instead since dilution is not working to your favor. Now that you know how a urine drug test works, you know what to look for if you try to substitute urine.

How to Pass UA, part II:  Substitution

So, dilution didn’t work for you. You’re working on that plan B, substitution. Substitution means just that, you are going to find a source of clean urine that you can use to put into the testing container. There are a handful of ways you can go with that, either using urine from a clean friend or using synthetic urine purchased online.

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You need a good, clean friend to spare a little urine to put you out if you’re on fire. Same deal here. Ask a friend for some clean urine, then you need to keep it fresh and make sure it is warm at test time.
  2. Make sure your friend does no recreational drugs and no medications that could show up like benzodiazepines, dronabinol, kratom, opiates, and ADHD meds. Kratom isn’t illegal (yet) but some testers still look for it.

Now, your issue is one of the most coveted of urine sample drug test facts, how long will urine stay good for a drug test?  How do you keep urine warm for a drug test?

  1. You have to refrigerate it to stop it from going bad, then you have to reheat it enough for it to appear fresh, a hard balancing act.

This is the monkey dong, a product that promises to help you solve this problem:

I think you get the idea. You strap on your fake penis, fill it with someone else’s urine or synthetic urine then you go test and squeeze your urine into your cup. You want to try to keep your fake urine tucked so that it heats properly. You can also use a condom, just make sure it has no lubrication. Fill the condom with your clean urine and keep it tucked to the body so that it maintains the perfect body temperature.

If you have to save your urine, you’re going to have to put it in the fridge so that it doesn’t spoil, then warm it in the microwave for about ten seconds when it’s time to go for your test. For synthetic urine, just put your synthetic urine in your condom or Monkey Dong and good luck. Synthetic urine does not need to be refrigerated.

How a urine drug test works

A urine drug test is often ordered for potential employees who are applying for a job, or for probation and other criminal justice-related checks. A drug test can also be ordered by a doctor or psychiatrist to determine your health risk factors. Finally, urine tests may be ordered by present employers to be sure employees have not developed a drug problem which could be putting health or productivity at risk.

Drug tests may look for the following substances:

  • amphetamine
  • methamphetamine
  • Valium, Xanax, benzodiazepines
  • Luminal, barbiturates
  • Weed, marijuana
  • Coke, crack (cocaine)
  • PCP
  • methadone
  • Oxycontin, heroin, opioids (narcotics)

Your pee drug test will also sometimes look for alcohol and even nicotine for insurance reasons. So, you want to make sure you show up with a sample which is as clean as you possibly get it.

Dilution vs Substitution to pass a drug test
DilutionCan be done cheaplyTiming has to be perfect for it to work sometimes.
SubstitutionYou don’t have to stop using medications
  • You may have difficulty finding urine to use as a substitute.
  • Not all synthetic urine will pass as authentic.


Exercise, before a drug test is tricky, here, is why. The body burns fat at a regular, fairly low rate when you are at rest. As the body burns fat, fat-soluble substances in the blood, like THC, comes out at a fixed rate. However, when you begin to exercise, fat burns at a faster rate and so THC leaks out in higher concentrations. Therefore, at this point, you may test positive for THC whereas you would not have tested positive had the THC been leaving the system at a slower rate. Many detox drinks will speed fat burning in order to have the THC leave the system at a faster rate. This is an iffy proposition. Make sure that by the time you are ready to take the test, if using dilution, fat burning needs to have stopped. You need to be calm and relaxed so that the body burns carbs instead of fat.


Apparently, taking about 4 aspirin four to six hours before a drug test will interfere with the piss test sensitivity. Some research has found that aspirin interferes with the testing equipment. While you want this to result in a false negative, it can also result in an inconclusive result, which may mean you have to take another test.


Zinc is scientifically known to interfere with drug tests and reduce the ability of tests to discover drugs of abuse. Taking a zinc supplement before a test in which you may have THC metabolites in your urine can be an effective approach to passing a drug test. You can get a zinc supplement from your local supermarket. Take a dose daily leading up to your test and you have a good chance of reducing the risk of failing the test (Lents & Venkatratnam). Using Zinc as a supplement is, therefore, a must for anyone looking to pass a urine drug screen using one’s own urine.

Vitamin B-2, B-12

Vitamin B2 is also called Riboflavin. It is a necessary factor in the production of energy throughout the body.    Vitamin B12 is likewise necessary for cellular respiration. It is known as cobalamin. These two vitamins are often included in many detox products. The reason for this is simple, most detox products that work, work via dilution. When urine is diluted, the most obvious immediate sign is the fact that the urine will appear to be clear in color, rather than yellow. If you’ve ever taken one of the horse-pill vitamins you get at a store like GNC, you’ve noticed afterward your urine would be dark yellow, even nearly green. This is the b-vitamin metabolites paying you a final visit so that you know your super-duper vitamin supplement is working. When b-vitamins provide a strong yellow color to your urine, you can dilute the urine by drinking more water and still produce a urine sample with normal color. Dilute urine will have a lower concentration of THC metabolites in it, but can also have reduced levels of creatinine, which is used to verify the authenticity of a urine sample (The ABCs of Marijuana and Drug Testing, n.d.).

Do Detox Remedies Work?

The simple answer, surprisingly, is Yes. Done correctly, dilution can help you successfully pass a urine drug screen and just about every detox product work via dilution. It can, of course, be argued that this means that the remedies do not work and in fact, it’s merely dilution which works and which you can do on your own without these expensive products. This is also true. However, there are a handful of supplements that should be used along with dilution and it is not clear that you are going to come out cheaper by purchasing these ingredients separately. The following ingredients all have a scientific rationale for why they should help you pass a drug test you might otherwise fail:

  1. Creatine.
  2. Zinc.
  3. Aspirin.
  4. Papain, bromelain.
  5. B vitamins.
  6. Electrolytes.
  7. Diuretic

You want to get a detox product that contains as many of these as you can find. Detox remedies typically contain an herbal diuretic which can be anything from Uva Ursi to cranberry juice. Any good diuretic will do, just be sure not to get an herb so obscure that you wouldn’t know if you are allergic to it or not. Papain and bromelain are enzymes that may help break down THC.

Detoxify Mega Clean is a product that contains many of these necessary elements. To review other detox products, see out the site here:

Most of these detox products are sufficient to help you to successfully carry out a dilution regimen. Some of them are ridiculously overpriced, especially considering that you can technically do dilution successfully without really buying anything, even the creatine you could get by eating a big steak, assuming you already have the meat. The steak will also give you the b-vitamins, even electrolytes if it’s reasonably seasoned.


Creatine is a naturally occurring substance produced in the body and involved in recycling ATP to keep energy stores up. It is also popularly taken as a supplement which increases muscle strength and energy. Why is it included in detox remedies?

Well, test-makers use parameters such as temperature, specific gravity, and creatinine content to make sure the sample submitted is consistent with human urine. Contrary to popular folklore, the urine is not tested for pregnancy, since this is an extra test which would cost more money being done for no real purpose, in this particular example. Creatinine content is usually measured in the labs your doctor will give you as a measure of kidney function and muscle break down. A creatinine level that is too high suggests kidney dysfunction which could also be linked to excessive muscle breakdown.

Fruit Pectin

Fruit Pectin is a type of fiber that is frequently included in detox drinks. The theory behind using it is that it may speed the elimination of food in the digestive system. This is supposed to help draw out toxins and substances like THC. However, since THC is usually inhaled and enters the bloodstream rather than passing through the digestive tract, it is not clear that speeding the elimination of waste from the gut is going to lower levels of marijuana byproducts in the urine. Therefore, it is doubtful that fruit pectin is going to lead to a less dirty drug screen and also, not knowing when an episode of diarrhea might hit is not a hazard you want to add to the experience of already trying hard to perfect the timing of your drug test to coincide with the lowest levels of THC metabolites in your urine.


Can you sweat out THC?  The simple answer is no. There’s no evidence that you can speed the elimination of THC from the body using a sauna. However, some people who enjoy saunas report feeling cleaner and clearer after a sauna and this can have a positive impact on one’s mind frame, leading to behaviors that cause a more favorable outcome. Therefore, our verdict is that for those who like using a sauna, it’s worth a try in combination with other detox techniques. If nothing else, the sauna will put you in a good, confident mood to be able to do the things you need to do to land that dream job or succeed at what else it is that you are pursuing.


You want to use dilution with B-vitamins, zinc, a few aspirins if you tolerate aspirin, electrolytes, and creatine if you want to pass with your own urine. If you don’t have these ingredients at hand, you might want to try a detox product that contains them, or you can buy just a handful of the ingredients separately and that might come out cheaper. In any case, there are ways to beat the test, so why not?

Disclaimer:  NCSM does not advocate taking any measures which are illegal in your jurisdiction. Only attempt any of these measures with clearing from your doctor and after making sure it is not illegal in your area. Any supplements you take could damage your health and any evasive measures to pass a drug test could have legal repercussions, so you must take the tips offered at your own risk and do your best to be as safe as you can with your health and freedom.


Lents, N., & Venkatratnam, A. (n.d.). Zinc Reduces the Detection of Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and THC by ELISA Urine Testing. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 35(6), 333–340. Retrieved 11 5, 2018

The ABCs of Marijuana and Drug Testing. (n.d.). Retrieved 11 6, 2018, from

What to Expect at your Marijuana Drug Test

In most states, pre-employment drug screening takes place at a drug-testing laboratory or medical testing facility. Like other testing facilities, you will check in with the Staff and will probably have a slip or voucher from the Employer requesting the test(s). After filling out required consent forms and other paperwork, you will usually be given your sample cup, usually a small plastic cup with a screw-on cap. Some sample cups have a thermometer strip attached to the outside. The purpose of the thermometer is verification: in an attempt to catch folks using fake pee, plain water or other liquids, the Staff will check the urine temperature when you hand them the sample. Most human urine comes out at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic urine kits often come with heating pads and thermometers to verify the urine test sample is in the correct temperature range. (98-101 degrees Fahrenheit)
The collection and initial testing are sometimes integrated:

  • An integrated test cup is the most preferred by the testing Staff because they do not have to touch the urine because the test strip is built-in to the container. This is gaining in popularity, but it is also the most expensive quick-test format.
  • Cassette Media is a very common form factor whereby drops of urine are transferred to the test card using an eyedropper or pipette. After a few minutes, the lab tech checks the drops for color or line indicators.
  • A Dip Card uses test strips that are dipped into the urine sample. Once the THC test strips become saturated, the results can be determined after about five minutes. Dip cards are often used for multi-drug screenings. Most often used are: Dip Strips use a test strip that is dipped straight into the urine sample container. Results appear in about five minutes. Dip strips are typically used to test for one drug type only.

In most cases, you will be shown to a small room, (usually a toilet room) in which to give the urine sample. In the private sector, you are allowed privacy while urinating. For those under probation or parole, privacy may or may not be allowed according to policy or sentence- this would be referred to as a “supervised donation”.
Shortly after you hand in the urine specimen, a Staff Member will use one of the first-level initial test types as discussed above. Typically, this initial testing and inspection are not done while you are present. The reaction tests are the most common and least expensive of drug tests and sometimes the only method available to the employer or lab.
If the test is positive for marijuana metabolites, the lab Staff person will either send the results back to the employer or send the sample on to the “real lab” where further, more accurate testing will be conducted. Usually, the secondary results are available back to the first lab within 48 hours, sometimes the employer is notified directly.
In some cases, for lower-paying jobs, if the test is positive at the first level, the applicant might be denied at that point with further testing completed.
Because so many tests result in a false-positive, it’s important that you assert yourself and request a re-test should your test come back as positive for THC metabolites.

Be sure and understand your rights regarding workplace drug testing by the ACLU.

If you are seeking employment with a large company, you might have the drug screening administered by a Company Nurse or internal Health clinic from the Human Resources department. In situations like this, the test used will most likely be the first-level “dip-strip” type only. If you pass at this level, most likely the employer will forego the expense of further testing of the urine sample.

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