Detoxify Xxtra Clean – a Review

Drug Tests

Drug tests are now a requirement to get or keep almost any job. In some cases, the employer may require the testing or in some government-related occupations covered by the Department of Transportation, for instance, the testing may be required by law. Testing is also used in legal situations such as for child custody cases and for probation monitoring. Many drugs are detectable in lab tests including marijuana products, but they can also test for opiates, for alcohol and for other drugs like methamphetamines and PCP, for example.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean For THC Detox – Revie Outline

So, suppose that you are a user of weed products, could you use Detoxify XXtra clean to help you to cleanse your system of pot products and beat a urine drug test? In this review, we will discuss the ingredients of Detoxify XXtra clean, who makes it, where to buy it, how to use it and most important of all, does it really work for weed detox and can you use Detoxify XXtra clean to pass a drug test?

What Are The Ingredients Of Detoxify Xxtra Clean?

Detoxify XXtra clean is a combination of multiple vitamins, minerals, creatine, an herbal blend, and fruit fiber. Specifically, the drink contains Vitamins A, multiple B vitamins, vitamin C, Creatine Monohydrate, Glucuronolactone, a proprietary blend of herbs and finally fruit pectin. The following list of ingredients was obtained from the website of the manufacturer of the product,

Detoxification By Your Body’s Natural Processes

Let us now examine these ingredients and how they relate to detoxification from toxins including THC. First, however, let us take a brief look at how THC is metabolized and excreted by your body. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of Cannabis Sativa. Whether you use it by smoking hash or use edibles or oils or spray, it eventually makes its way to your liver where it is converted to the inactive metabolize THC-COOH. THC-COOH then enters the bloodstream and some of it gets stored in fat cells and some of it is excreted in your urine and feces. It is THC-COOH that is the substance that the piss drug test looks for and measures. Incidentally, Detoxify XXtra clean is to pass a urine drug test and not to pass a saliva test or blood test.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Ingredients And Detoxification

Vitamins and Minerals

How do the ingredients of Detoxify XXtra clean affect these detoxing processes? The simple answer is that most of the ingredients have nothing at all to do with detoxification of THC or any other toxins. We can write off all of the vitamins and minerals first of all. Of course, vitamins and minerals are essential for many bodily functions, but they play no role in cleansing your body from THC or other toxins.


What about Glucuronolactone? This ingredient is found in large quantities in many so-called energy drinks and although it has often been said to contribute to “detoxification” there is no scientific validity to this claim.

Creatine Monophosphate

Creatine Monophosphate is converted to Creatinine in your body and Creatinine is a component of normal urine and is often included in so-called “detoxification” products. It is in reality used to help ensure that a very diluted urine specimen will pass the acceptability test for a urinalysis drug screen.

Herbal blends

Many claims are made about how herbal products or “proprietary blends” of herbal products affect the metabolism of toxins including THC but there is again no scientific proof of these claims.

Fruit Pectin

Fruit pectin is able to divert THC-COOH from your urine to your feces, thus reducing the amount in your pee sample and perhaps helping you to pass a drug test but that is not detoxification?

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Manufacturer

Detoxify, LLC

Detoxify XXtra clean is a product of Detoxify, LLC, and information can be found on their website The website says that their products provide “full spectrum cleansing”, “are specially formulated,” “works immediately,” and are “trusted.” The website further boasts that “for more than 20 years, more than 20 million people like you have trusted Detoxify for a full system cleansing.”

Contact Detoxify, LLC

The company can be contacted at 1-800-DETOX-4U (1-800-338-6948) from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. An email contact form is available on the website.  The company is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

All of the Detoxify products are available for sale on their website. In an attempt to obtain a mailing address for the company I called their 800 number and received an automated response directing me to their website, twitter or Facebook accounts or to contact them at [email protected]. There is the following mailing address on the website: Detoxify, LLC, P.O. Box 6398, Scottsdale, AZ 85261. Frequently asked questions can also be found on the website.

How Is Detoxify XXtra Clean Supposed To Work?

Information is also provided on the website about how the company thinks that their products work as a remedy to clear your system of toxins. Finally, after extolling the virtues of their products for detoxification they provide the usual disclaimer that their product is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition and is not intended for any unlawful purpose.

Where To Buy Detoxify Xxtra Clean Herbal Detox Drink?

On the website, one can find a store locater near you. I was able to find several Vitamin Shoppes stores near me that sell Detoxify products. The website also lists Authorized Retailers including Sunshine Daydream – St. Louis, Missouri: Website | Amazon Storefront, Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff – Columbus, Ohio: Website and Something Different: Amazon Storefront. Many other online retailers sell Detoxify products including The Vitamin Shoppe, Lucky Vitamin, Amazon, and Walmart to name just a few. Prices varied from $ 27.99 on the website to $14.40 on Amazon.

How To Use Detoxify Xxtra Clean?

Detoxify XXtra clean instructions?

The following are the directions for how to use Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox liquid?

  • Stop using toxic products like marijuana
  • If you have time-consuming 6, 16-ounce amounts of fluids every two hours in the days prior to your test
  • On the day of your test at least one hour before your test shake the bottle of Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox liquid and drink the entire 20- ounce contents
  • Wait 15 minutes and refill the Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox bottle with water and drink the entire contents
  • Urinate as frequently as possible
  • Take your test no sooner than one hour after doing the above steps
  • How long does it last? The effect is said to last for 5 hours

Does Detoxify Xxtra Clean Really Work?

To answer that important question, we will look at three lines of reasoning: 1) the ingredients, 2) detailed online reviews, and 3) reviews by individual users of the product.

Detoxify Ingredients

How about the ingredients, do they really have “detox” properties? Right off, we can discount all of the vitamins and minerals. They have no detoxifying properties at all. The idea that vitamins and minerals somehow “boost” detoxification is incorrect. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for human health, but they have nothing directly or indirectly to do with detoxifying your system from weed products.

Many detox products, including Detoxify XXtra clean, contain varying amounts of herbs and herbal blends. The degree to which any one herb or herbal combination aids in detoxification from THC is debatable and certainly not scientifically proven.

Glucuronolactone, as mentioned, is included in large amounts in many energy drinks and has been thought by some to aid in “detoxification” but there is, in fact, little if any substantial scientific evidence to back up that claim. If you want Glucuronolactone just go out and buy a cheap energy drink and check the label for ingredients. You will most likely find lots of Glucuronolactone.

Creatine Monophosphate is converted to Creatinine in the body and then Creatinine is excreted in your urine. Creatinine is a normal breakdown product of creatine which is contained in muscle and released by muscle metabolism. The Creatine Monophosphate in Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink is therefore designed to assure that your diluted urine specimen will pass the acceptability test and is a clear-cut design to “fool” drug tests, unlike its disclaimer!

Combined with the instructions about how to use Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox liquid the ingredients suggest that the Detoxify XXtra clean program is simply another type of dilution formula which employs large amounts of liquids to dilute your urine and creatine to help your diluted urine to pass the acceptability test and fruit fiber to divert THC-COOH from your urine to your feces.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Reviews Online

How about detailed reviews of Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink? There are many detailed online reviews of this product such as this one which essentially parrots what is on the Detoxify company website or this one that claims that XXtra clean will “will flush all your prescription medication from your body for a period of time.” Some other sites like this one simply use other site evaluations and give them credibility or repeat what can be found on the website. None of these sites performed an independent evaluation of Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Review By Users Of The Product

How about reviews posted by people who have actually used this product for THC detox?

As you can see for yourself, there are widely divergent opinions from individual users as to how effective Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink is. The problem with individual reviews is that they are just that, individual reviews and do not account for differences in body composition, exercise habits, weed use patterns and many other aspects of an individual’s makeup and behavior which might influence whether or not a detox product works for them or not.

Detoxify Xxtra Clean Herbal Detox Drink  – Conclusions

Detoxification Myths

We should briefly review some long-held myths about detoxification of your body, especially from weed products and their metabolites.

Your liver is the one and only detoxification system in your body and no amount of detox products can change that or speed up the process. The urine test for marijuana does not test for THC, as some online reviews claim, but instead tests for THC-COOH the main inactive metabolite of THC which made in your liver and stored in fat cells.

The vigorous exercise which burns fat for energy can release THC-COOH which can then be excreted in your urine and feces. This process can increase the rate of release of THC-COOH and is helpful more than 48 hours before a urine drug test but vigorous exercise should not be done within 48 hours of a drug test because it will actually increase rather than decrease the amount of THC-COOH in your urine.

Fruit pectin a form of dietary fiber can divert THC-COOH from your urine to your feces, reducing the amount in your urine and helping you to pass your test.

Drinking large amounts of water or other liquids DOES NOT flush toxins from your body. What it does is dilute your urine reducing the concentration of THC-COOH in a urine sample. Urine samples that are too dilute or that do not contain proper levels of naturally occurring substances like Creatinine will be deemed to be unacceptable for testing.

The Dilution Method In Disguise

Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink is a veiled form of the dilution method which adds Creatine in an attempt to help your urine specimen pass the acceptability test. If you abstain from weed products for sufficient time, exercise vigorously more than 48 hours before your test and use fruit pectin to divert THC-COOH from your urine to your feces you should have a good chance of passing your test without proprietary products like Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink. On the other hand Detoxify XXtra clean herbal detox drink could help you in passing a drug test through avoiding toxins, dilution, Creatine, and fruit pectin all in one package. It isn’t really detox but you will have to decide whether or not to use it!

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